Lady GaGa: “I am on the drunk diet”

Lady GaGa has revealed how she stays in shape.

The wacky singer likes to drink whisky, but works out everyday, even if she is hung over.

“I am on the drunk diet,” GaGa said. “I live my life as I want to, creatively. I like to drink whiskey and stuff while I am working. But the deal is I’ve got to work out every day, and I work out hung over if I am hung over. And it’s about the cross-training and keeping yourself inspired. I have to say, I do a ton of yoga.”

GaGa recently spoke about how she lives a normal life.

“I actually made a choice to keep my life pretty normal,” she said.

“Some point about two years ago I said to myself, ‘OK, am I going to put my toe in Hollywood’s pond and figure out if I want to live a glamorous life and assimilate to the glamorous lifestyle’, but I really didn’t want to do it.”

“And I don’t like Hollywood and I don’t like the whole scene and I just said, ‘I’m going to go home and figure out how to be the first popstar to live in the same neighborhood for the rest of their life that I grew up in’, and that’s what I do.”

“I still live where I always lived, I still hang out and drink whiskey at the same bars. I still go to the same hardware store.”