LOL! Paul Wesley bit a fan!

Like all hot actors who play vampires, Paul Wesley is often asked by fans if he will bite them. LOL with us at the one time he obliged.

Chatting with George Lopez on Lopez Tonight, The Vampire Diaries star told the story about his awkward encounter with a fan.

”I was in a bar in Atlanta and one girl asked me to bite her,” Paul recalled. “I get those requests often. I think I was a little drunk and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna do it this time. I’m gonna bite her.’”

Sounds good to us. Sound good to you? Well think again.

“I think she was expecting a really sexy bite on the neck, but I felt uncomfortable so I sort of just really reluctantly grabbed her arm and I kind of drooled on it a little bit. She was oddly repulsed. We kept oddly looking at each other for the rest of the night.”

“It’s awful,” he promised. “It’s not like it is on TV.”