Photo: Justin Bieber with his fly down

Poor Justin Bieber didn’t realise he was flying low at the Grammys.

16-year-old Bieber looked very smart in his white tux, however the teen sensation suffered a wardrobe malfunction – his fly was down.

You can only really tell because Justin had his hands in his pockets, making the gap appear even larger.

Click here for a photo.

Bieber recently revealed that he finds Lady GaGa weird.

When Justin appeared on Chelsea Lately he said of Gaga’s meat dress and arrival at the Grammy Awards in a pod, “I thought both were weird.”

Justin actually saw GaGa in the flesh backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards, where she wore the disgusting dress.

“She went for a hug and I was like, ‘Uhhhhh, let’s just hold up on that. You have meat on you’.”

GaGa’s arrival at the Grammys in a pod didn’t do anything for Bieber either.

“People think it’s artistic and stuff, I’m just like, ‘You’re in an egg’.” he said.