Photo: Taylor Momsen flashes her bits

Can you really call it a wardrobe malfunction when the person in question isn’t wearing any actual clothes?

Miss Momsen, do you have no shame? The 17-year-old took to the stage, yet again, wearing nothing but underwear.

The Gossip Girl actress and Pretty Reckless front-woman has a bit of a reputation for flashing the flesh, but has she taken it too far this time by flashing way way too much. reports that instead of being a senior in high school right now, like any other normal 17-year-old girls would, instead Taylor seems to be on a continual tour of nightclubs and venues that find her flashing herself to crowds of fans.

Taylor wore a string (not an actual string, but would that surprise you?) of raunchy outfits during the Warped Tour last year, and at a gig last October she even pulled down her top to flash her pasties at the crowd.

In these photos of under-age Taylor she’s flashing more than she should be – doesn’t she realise, or doesn’t she care?

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