Robert Pattinson, the singing vampire

It may not be that much sought-after music career, but Robert Pattinson may be getting a musical number in Breaking Dawn. reports that Carter Burwell, the genius behind the original Twilight soundtrack is back to compose the score for the final two installments.

He tweeted that he’s written the music for one of the most anticipated scenes in the movie – when Robert’s character Edward Cullen sings a lullaby to his daughter.

“Just wrote ‘Renesmee’s Lullaby’ for Twilight Breaking Dawn,” he tweeted last week. “Rob Pattinson will play it on camera this week.”

“Many films have an actor sitting at a keyboard, swaying back and forth, pretending to play music that was only written after the film has been shot and edited,” Carter writes. “This case was unusual in that Rob is a fine musician, and fully capable of playing the piano or probably any other instrument.”

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