Rosie O’Donnell sticks up for Miley Cyrus

Rosie O’Donnell has defended Miley Cyrus.

Sticking her nose in, Rosie has commented on Billy Ray Cyrus’ recent comments about his daughter.

“A 16 or 18-year-old girl is going to separate from the parents no matter what,” Rosie told Access Hollywood.

“They’re going to smoke some salvia — whatever the hell that is — they’re going to drink some beer. This is what happens when kids are 18 and they’re trying to separate.”

“So, I don’t know that it necessarily had to do with [Miley] being in show business,” she continued. “I think he’s doing what a lot of us are doing that have teenagers, including me, [saying], ‘What the hell is going on here? I thought I was in control of this place and now the kids are acting out. The animals are ruining the zoo!’”

Billy’s comments are below.

“Every time the train went off the track… her people, or as they say in today’s news, her handlers, every time they’d put the blame on me… I took it because I’m her daddy… OK, nail me to the cross,” he said.

“I’m scared for her. She’s got a lot of people around her that’s putting her in a great deal of danger. I want to get her sheltered from the storm.”