Selena Gomez: “I love [Justin Bieber] very much”

Aww! Selena Gomez says she loves Justin Bieber.

The pair of teen pop stars are rumoured to be dating, and while Selena didn’t exactly confirm or deny, it’s clear she has strong feelings for Bieber, even if they are just friends.

At the Grammys, when asked if rumors she was dating Justin were ever annoying she told Chris Harrison, “Yea of course but it comes with the job. I love him though, very much.”

Selena was also full of praise for Justin’s new movie, Never Say Never.

“The movie is so good. It was very inspirational. I’m so glad it’s doing well. It deserves it.” she said.

They’d certainly make a cute couple.

What do you make of Selena’s comments? Are they dating, or are they just good friends? Leave us a comment.