Want to see Lady GaGa in 3D?

Lady GaGa is reportedly planning a movie.

Insiders say the weird singer is plotting a movie project, which will be in 3D.

“GaGa has had a number of movie offers but nothing has really inspired her,” says a source close to the star.

“One thing she is interested in is using the same kind of technology James Cameron used for Avatar to create her own worlds and a different version of herself. The plan is for her to perform and act and for that to be projected on screen using motion capture. She’s also got some ideas for the script. She’s very excited about it.”

There was recently some confusion involving GaGa and Madonna. When people noticed more than a bit of similarity between her new track Born This Way and Madonna’s Express Yourself, Gaga said Madonna’s people had emailed her saying they supported her.

However, Madonna’s people are saying that they never sent this email.

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