Which looks yummier, Zac Efron or the doughnut?

A photo of Zac Efron with a doughnut in his mouth has confused us – which looks yummier?

We love Zac, we love doughnuts, it’s impossible to pick just one (having said that, if Zac asked us out, that doughnut would be on the floor in seconds).

The hot actor has recently bulked up for a movie roll (Zac has said he gained about 18 pounds to play an Iraq War veteran in The Lucky One), and to be honest we’re loving his new manly look.

Reports were doing the rounds that Zac was on a diet, after he¬†was spotted at an L.A. studio last month with a bag of grub from Z.E.N. (Zero Effort Nutrition) foods, a diet delivery service that helps stars eat calorie-controlled meals. It’s nice to see there’s still room in his life for a doughnut.

What would you prefer, the sexy Mr Efron, or the yummy looking doughnut? Click here to see the photo and vote below in our super-serious poll.