Will Adam Lambert lose out on a Grammy?

We know you want Adam Lambert to bag the Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, but will he win?

We recently ran a poll to find out if you wanted Adam to win the award, and while (at time of publishing) 65% of you think Adam will win, just over 30% think that even though Adam deserves to win, he’ll be beaten to it by one of the other artists.

Other nominees include Michael BublĂ©, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and John Mayer – all strong competition, although if our comments are anything to go by it’s Adam and Michael B who are favoured by the fans.

We’re running a poll to find out who you THINK will win, now who you WANT to win. Feel free to leave us a comment letting us know who you want to win, but when it comes to the vote please select the artist you predict will bag the award.

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