Adam Lambert “freaked out” when he met Steven Tyler

Adam Lambert apparently “nearly lost it” when he met Steven Tyler. were at the filming of American Idol with Adam Lambert, and described the energy as “electrifying”.

The site reports that Adam chatted with Ryan Seacrest, before Randy Jackson rushed straight over to give him a hug and congratulate him.

“It was super sweet because he took time to hug each and every contestant — even James Durbin, who told last week he is NOTHING like Adam (despite comparisons).” the site reports.

“After meeting Adam in person, I think James had a change of heart though, because the two of them continued to talk for awhile, even snapping photos together. It was almost like Adam was passing the baton to James — I hope James realizes just how lucky he is!”

Adam then apparently rushed over to give Jennifer Lopez a hug, before turning to Steve and saying, ”Wow. It’s an honor to meet you!”