Amanda Seyfried: “Penis jokes make me laugh”

Amanda Seyfried says she has a sick sense of humour.

“I think it comes from the morbid sense of humor my sister has,” Amanda said.

“I love sick jokes. I can’t tell you, but what I will say is that nothing shocks me. Really nothing. Gross things make me laugh like a 12-year-old. Penis jokes make me laugh.”

However, Amanda had quite a conservative upbringing.

“Sex was meant to be a scary thing. Because of AIDS and pregnancy, we were constantly taught to stay away from it,” she aid.

“Schools, videos, abstinence … It was just made out to be this very scary thing. My parents aren’t very religious anyway, so that wasn’t part of it. I think it was just the society where I grew up which made me look at it wrong. Also there were a lot of girls who got pregnant at school so that was terrifying.”