Are Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene planning their wedding?

A recent report has reignited the rumours that Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene are getting married.

Sources close to the couple say that while they were dining on 24t Feb. at Los Angeles’ Urth Caffe, 21-year-old Joe and Twilight actress Ashley, 24, were discussing wedding details.

The source told Star, “Ashley said she wanted their wedding to take place in Florida, where she grew up. Joe said, ‘Fine!’”

Hmm, well that’s hardly setting a date, is it?

It was reported late last year that Joe was planning on popping the question to Ashley.

“Joe thought that he and Ashley would eventually get married, but not this soon. He didn’t think he would be proposing for at least another 6 months or so,” a source told

“He figured after a year of dating they could become engaged, but now that Ashley is talking marriage, Joe wants to pop the question!”