Billy Ray says Miley Cyrus wasn’t drunk

Billy Ray Cyrus was quick to defend his daughter after it was reported she was drunk.

While photos may have made it look like Miley could hardly stand up, that is not the reality of her meeting with songwriter Dr. Luke.

“Miley said ‘I had a meeting with Dr. Luke and his staff and we were all there at this restaurant and there were so many paparazzi that I couldn’t see. Daddy, they were flashing, so I held my hand up to block the flashes out of my eyes because I couldn’t take a step,” Billy says. “She said ‘It’s embarrassing, it hurts my feelings’ and she said. ‘Most importantly it was a lie, I wasn’t drinking. I wasn’t drunk. I was just trying to get to my car after a meeting.’”

Billy recently revealed that he is no longer divorcing wife, and Miley’s mum, Tish Cyrus.

“I’ve dropped the divorce,” he said. “I want to put my family back together.”