Billy Ray still wants to be Miley Cyrus’ friend

Billy Ray Cyrus has backtracked slightly, saying he does want to be Miley’s friend, as well as her father.

Before Christmas, Billy gave an interview to GQ, blaming Disney for some of his problems, and saying he should have been a father to Miley – not a friend.

Well now that his divorce from Tish is off and his family are back together, Billy Ray is starting to backtrack.

Billy went on The View to say he “loves Disney” and that the studio isn’t responsible for Miley Cyrus‘ recent wild behavior, or his family falling a part.

“I look back and I did kind of approach being a dad like being a friend, my kids need a dad and I can promise I’ll come back in and do the best I can do,” Billy said. “I still want to be Miley’s friend. I want to be the person she wants to talk to. I love her more than life itself.”

“I think most importantly Miley has a great heart and she is very intelligent she will make good choices … I trust Miley.”