Gerard Butler, Olivier Martinez & Halle Berry talk penis over dinner?

What would you expect the topic of conversation to be if Gerard Butler, Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry went for dinner?

An earwigger claims Gerard was teasing Olivier about Scotsmen having bigger penises.

“Halle, Gerard and Olivier were all having a nice conversation at a table when things suddenly took a turn for the worse,” a source said.

“Gerard began mucking around, bragging about Scotsmen and the size of their packages. He was joking that he could wear kilts and no undies because he was a ‘real man’, and that other Europeans wouldn’t be able to pull a kilt off.

“As the conversation continued, he got more lewd — and funny — but Olivier got less and less impressed. After one gag too many at his expense, he stood up and confronted Gerry.

“Olivier was red in the face and gesticulating wildly. So Halle told them both to lighten up.”