Lady GaGa could bankrupt breast-milk ice cream makers?

The Icecreamists owner Matt O’Connor has told that Lady Gaga’s legal bill could leave his company bankrupt!

Lady Gaga’s attorneys at Mishcon de Reya served The Icecreamists owner Matt O’Connor with a legal document obtained by, claiming he has ripped off her name for his own gain.

The ice cream in question is Baby Gaga – which is made with real breast milk.

“We have been only open two weeks, it’s like Apocalypse Now with ice cream,” Matt told “We expected this to cause a few ripples. But nothing in a D-cup!”

Matt says that the legal bill would be almost $81,000, which would “effectively bankrupt” his company.

“We have a trademark application, which is pending,” Matt added. “At the moment it [the breast milk ice cream] has been banned by the Westminster City Council. It’s been portrayed in a negative light… they made this really hyped up and they took it away for testing.”

Matt said the council claims Baby Gaga “was very damaging and unsafe for human consumption.”

“We could legally oppose it, and say this is ridiculous,” he says. “We may decide to disassociate ourselves totally. We may decide to try to change the name — maybe Baby Goo Goo, or Barak Obaba or the Cry Baby.”