Nicolas Cage discusses gunfight/sex scene

Nicolas Cage has spoken about the gunfight/sex scene in Drive Angry 3-D.

The actor managed to combine both sex and violence in a single scene.

“One of the things I would like to say about the now infamous gunfight/sex scene in the movie was I really had no idea how I would play that scene until almost three or four days before we shot it,” he says.

“I was thinking of Kama Sutra positions and what would be a position that would show my character’s anti-divineness because he’s he’s something from hell.”

“So then the idea of being in the clothes before a gunfight enjoying all the vices, the cigar and the Jack Daniels and the sex to me seemed like it would ring true for a guy that just broke out of hell. Then Ms Ross and I enjoyed a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken after the scene.”