Nikki Reed on Twilight cast: “For so many years we have been giving fake answers”

Ooh! Nikki Reed dishes a Twilight cast secret.

Speaking to, Nikki said: “For so many years we have been giving fake answers, but now that [the series] is coming to an end, I don’t think we have to do that anymore!”

The site reports that while it may look like the Twilight cast are really close, they have since grown apart.

“On the first movie we all hung out a lot,” Nikki said. “We always went out to dinners, but I wasn’t old enough at the time to go out. I was 18 when this all started. Everyone has really grown up and started to do different things.”

“You know its not a bad thing, but you see how people make a story out of things. You go to Starbucks, and then all of a sudden you go to Starbucks daily. Peter Facinelli has made us spaghetti dinners, but its been like three times in the four years we’ve known him, but it becomes a story that we always have pasta night at Peter’s all the time. It would be cool, but its not the truth. But if you say anything in public, you just have to worry that the media will spin it, so if we didn’t go to dinner that will just mean we are angry with each other or something,” Nikki added.