How likely is a Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene reunion?

A source has spoken about the likelihood of Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene getting back together…

… and it ain’t looking good. According to Hollywoodlife, the pair have moved on – and will most likely ignore each other.

“The relationship didn’t end horribly, it just ended.” the source said.

“The likelihood of them being friends is not too promising,” added the insider. “When they cross paths, which is bound to happen, Joe will be cordial, but I would be almost positive that they will avoid each other like the plague.”

Joe and Ashley started dating last summer and split in March.

“They are not dating anymore, and they are not looking to date each other,” the insider reveals. “Would you really want to hang out with your ex? Who really is friends with their ex? Joe has moved on, and would say that I am confident that Ashley has as well.”

The source adds that there is no chance of a reconciliation. “It’s over and they want to keep it that way.”