Jessie J inspired by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne inspired one of Jessie J’s songs.

“I was obsessed with Lil Wayne at one point,” she said.

“The song [Rainbow] is basically about how we’re all colours of the rainbow and how we need to share the pot of gold. We all may be different, but we’re all the same really.”

“Everyone bleeds red and we all get blue sometimes. The lyrics are a play on words with colours, but my delivery is very like yup, yup, still very Lil Wayne-y. It’s one of my favourites.”

“That would be like a dream. I think he’s incredible and I love his swagger. I feel like he should win an award for how he acts in videos.”

“I think he’s one of those one-take people who rolls in, does a sick take, and just rolls out. Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, those two are killin’ it right now.”