Matthew Morrison has rats in his house

Matthew Morrison has been forced out of his home by rats.

The 32-year-old Glee actor found the rodents, and their “poop”, all over his Californian home.

“I go upstairs and there was a huge rat in my bed,” Matthew said. “And like, poop and faeces all over my bed. It was just the worst night ever.”

“I tried to catch the rat and he darted away. And I kind of cornered him in this thing. I thought he was dead on my bed,” he said.

“So I put a bunch of plastic bags on my hand, and I went to grab him and he just darted off. He was on the windowsill, kind of just eyeing me. We were playing cat and mouse – or Matt and rat, I guess!”

“I get up, run over and turn the light on, and this big guy is on my nightstand and he jumps on my bed. And he’s looking at me like, ‘What are you doing on my bed?’ He’s looking at me like I’m the a**hole,” he added.