Vanessa Hudgens says Beastly has a “beautiful message”

Vanessa Hudgens really believes in the message behind new flick Beastly.

The film is like a modern day Beauty and the Beast, and sends a positive message to young viewers. It stars the ever-so-sexy Alex Pettyfer, who later becomes disfigured.

“It’s a beautiful message, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’.” Vanessa said of the story line.

“It’s an amazing thing to re-tell a classic tale, especially for high school kids where it’s all about who you’re hanging out with and what you’re wearing.”

Vanessa also spoke to the Press Association about the pressures of fame, and if she ever felt she needed to dress a certain way.

“Not really. I mean I enjoy the aspect of dressing up because I’m extremely into fashion,” she explained, “so it’s a pretty solid excuse to really go for it and just do things you wouldn’t normally do everyday,” she said.