Aww! Selena Gomez says she misses Justin Bieber

Bless Selena Gomez, who has spoke about Justin Bieber in an interview.

Speaking about why she is open about her relationship with Justin, Selena reportedly told British Look magazine: “I don’t like hiding. I like to keep certain things to myself but at the end of the day, I’m 18 and I’m going to fall in love.”

Asked if it is hard being apart from Justin, Gomez added: “Of course it’s difficult. I miss all the people I love, my family and my friends, when I’m away from home. Thank goodness for Skype.”

So what is Justin saying about Selena in interviews?

During the interview for a New Zealand television program, Justin said of Selena: “She’s one of my best friends,”

“I think that’s an important thing in my life is dating around and having some sort of a personal life.”

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