James Durbin thinks Adam Lambert “threw away” fanbase

James Durbin has spoke out about Adam Lambert yet again – this time blasting him for throwing away his fans.

Rumours started that there was some sort of feud between the two. What actually happened was that Adam offered his opinion on James, and James didn’t like it.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Adam previously said of the axed American Idol contestant: “I think he’s got talent and passion 100 percent, but I feel like he’s trying way too hard.

“Also, his niche is so limited with the metal. When he did that ‘Heavy Metal’ song (by Sammy Hagar), James was note-perfect. He was on pitch, which is usually kind of an issue, and I think he sounded really good, but it felt like a copycat. I didn’t feel like I was seeing an original artist yet. And I’m not saying he doesn’t have that in him, but it hasn’t been showing.”

Speaking to MTV at the time, James reacted to these comments.

“I was nothing (but) nice to that guy,” James said. “And, you know, he decided to take it to a different level. Whatever.”

“I don’t know what the comparison’s all about,” he added. “He sings pop and electronic, and I sing rock and metal.”

Well now James has spoke out about Adam yet again, this time to Star 100.7 radio station.

“Here’s how I look at it. Adam Lambert had a chance to do that,” says James Durbin. “He sang rock on the show and he decided to throw away that entire fanbase.”

“I mean I liked what he was doing on the show. It was pretty cool” he added.