Jennifer Aniston dodges junk food

Jennifer Aniston avoids junk food.

The actress has revealed the secret to her healthy body – diet and exercise would you believe.

“I’ve never been a fanatic when it comes to what I eat,” she said. “I’ve always discovered that I can stay fit by avoiding junk foods and eating healthily, while running or exercising regularly. I don’t have any formula.

“I love to do yoga. I have more energy if I can do workout for 20 minutes every day. If I exercise enough I can eat what I want and not worry about my weight or how I look. If I put on a few pounds, I just eat more fish and salads for a week and exercise four or five times a week as opposed to two or three times.

“The important thing is to stick to a healthy routine. I feel better after a good workout and it gives you more energy for the entire day. I try not to worry or stress about things anymore — I just like to get on with my life.”