McFly’s Harry Judd DIDN’T diss Paul McCartney

Harry Judd didn’t call Sir Paul McCartney a “really old, decrepit, old man”.

McFly boys Harry and Tom Fletcher chatted to an Argentinian website about the Beatles legend, but all was not as it seemed.

“We were in Rio actually on that day and we had to leave to go back to Sao Paolo,” Tom said. “Unfortunately, we missed the concert, but we watched online and it’s incredible to hear [Paul McCartney] sing the classic Beatles songs. He’s a complete legend obviously, and hopefully we’ll get to that age someday,”

It was then Harry was quoted as dissing Paul, branding him a “a really old, decrepit, old man.”

Tom took to Twitter to clear the comments up.

“BTW, if you’ve read that story about us having a dig at Paul Mccartney then it’s bollocks. Harry was referring to himself & what he’d be like if we are still playing at Paul McCartneys age. They edited that video in a very cheeky way. Naughty naughty.” he tweeted.