Ryan Dunn was twice over the alcohol limit when he died

It has been reported that Ryan Dunn was drunk when he died.

The Jackass star, who was in a car travelling at 130 mph, had a blood alcohol level of 0.196, more than twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania, which is 0.08, West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll told TMZ.

The 34-year-old had been drinking at a bar with friends before the crash, which also killed his passenger, Zachary Hartwell.

According to the Daily Mail, it has since emerged that Dunn had notched up 23 driving convictions, including ten for speeding, before his accident. He had also been arrested for drink driving before.

Audio footage has surfaced of Ryan’s friend and co-star Bam Margera, and his mum April Margera, talking about how many times Dunn had crashed his car, and predicting that he would “eat it” in a car accident one day. Click here to listen.