Why did James Durbin delete Adam Lambert convo?

We can’t help but wonder, why did James Durbin delete his half of a conversation with Adam Lambert.

It has been reported that James started a conversation with Adam on Twitter, although while Adam’s tweets are still there, James has apparently deleted his.

“Hey dude!” Durbin reportedly tweeted. “Id really enjoy grabbing some lunch with you and just talking about all this Idol/Post Idol stuff! I could really use…Some one on one advice. Regardless of any supposed bad blood, Im calling truce :) Anyway.thats me. Glad your tour is goin great. Direct message me if this is something that you might be interested in doing. Thanks for the consideration!”

Adam replied: “haha why don’t we just go ahead and discuss it right now over twitter? I’d be honored to advise… :) #nobadblood.”

“Well as much as they’d love it..just as u don’t wanna spoil ur album, I don’t wanna spoil anything lol…you understand right?” responded James.

“Oh I definitely understand.” Adam said.

“Just think about it. If youre free, hit me up. Im just not the “twitter business meeting” type. thanks anyway, brother. :-/ I’ll be in the LA area all month..you know the deal :)” James reportedly replied, although no sign of these tweets now.

It’s a shame, after a supposed feud (hmm!) it looked like they were finally finding some common ground.

We can only think that maybe James felt Adam shot him down? What do you reckon? Leave us a comment.