Amy Winehouse biographer pays tribute

Celeb biographer Chas Newkey-Burden (@AllThatChas), author of the book Amy Winehouse: The Biography, has paid tribute to the late singer.

News broke this afternoon that 27-year-old Amy had been found dead in her flat in Camden, London.

While the circumstances surrounding her death are currently “unexplained” people are focusing on her battle with drugs.

Whatever happened, it’s truly a waste of a wonderful musician and a funny, lovely girl, and we want to focus on that side of Amy.

‘What few people know is that Amy had a strong maternal, caring side,’ Chas told us.

‘Many of her friends called her “Mum” and had her stored as “Mum”, rather than “Amy” in their mobile phones. She was a good person. She had flaws as do we all, but so many good points, as well as enormous talent.’

RIP Amy.

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