Demi Lovato: “I’m not going to be perfect”

Demi Lovato has opened up about her recovery.

The singer and actress is currently getting her career on track after a stint in a treatment facility. While Demi admits she is not fully recovered, her outlook is good.

“This is an ongoing process and the hardest part about these diseases is that they’re things that I’m going to have to face every day for the rest of my life.” she told AOL Music.

“I’m going to mess up and I’m not going to be perfect, but as long as I try everyday to get better and better myself, then I’m one step ahead of where I was before.”

Demi admitted that she will always put her health first, but that her issues won’t stop her making music.

“Ultimately, at the end of the day, my health and my state of mind is more important than any career. But I thought, ‘Music is something that keeps me healthy and that has saved my life at one point, and I love it and I’m not going to give it up.’ I can stay healthy and I can do it at the same time.”