Our favourite celebrities with third nipples (and a woman with one on her foot)

Inspired by the woman with an extra nipple on her foot, yes her foot, we’ve rounded up a few celebs with extra nips for you.

A 22-year-old woman has baffled doctors by revealing the full-sized nipple underneath her foot – if you really want to, you can click here for a photo but we’ll warn you, there’s hair growing out of it and if we never see it again it will be too soon – gag.

Third nipples are usually above the belly button and they’re more common than you’d expect – one in 50 women and one in 100 men have extra nipples – so a few celebs must have them.

And so the award for Best Female With An Extra Nipple goes to… Lily Allen. Not only does Lily have an extra one, but she whipped it out on TV to show the world. The award for Best Male With An Extra Nipple goes to the super-sexy actor Mark Wahlberg. Mark takes his shirt off in quite a few films (and for that, we’re thankful) and you can often spot it – you can sort of see it in Date Night (above) but you can definitely see it in Fear.

Actress Tilda Swinton also has a third nipple. Carrie Underwood did have an extra nip, although admitted she had it removed.

In other extra nipple related news, Zac Efron recently had to deny having not one, but two extra nips after dermatologist Dr Katherine Rothman made the claims.

A spokesperson for Zac denied this – well we could have done that, we’ve stared at a shirtless Mr Efron enough to know that he only has two. Click here if you would like proof, warning: may cause drooling.

To read an updated version of this article (with the addition of One Direction’s Harry Styles) click here.