Was the Joe Jonas/Selena video call thing a publicity stunt?

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Did “Selena” really try to video call Joe Jonas during a recent interview?

During a the interview, the Middle Jonas Brother’s iPhone started ringing. He reportedly declined the FaceTime request from someone called “Selena” – which of course set tongues wagging and got people wondering if the call was from his little brother Nick’s ex girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Now we could be wrong, but after a mess around with our iPhones here at Flecking, try as we might we just couldn’t find out how to make our phones say “starting FaceTime with…” – that is until we realised it may be an outgoing call, not an incoming call.

Holding down the home button on your iPhone will launch voice control, which allows you to make calls using voice commands.

A publicity stunt or just a spot of butt-dialing? Sounds like it could have been an accident to us – if we’re right. Either way, we reckon Justin Bieber doesn’t need to worry about Selena video calling Joe.

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