Adam Lambert experimented with drugs

Like many artists, Adam Lambert has experimented with drugs.

He isn’t the only one – Lady GaGa often talks about her experiences with drugs, and we’re all familiar with the struggles of the late Amy Winehouse.

Adam told Us Magazine that it didn’t really affect his life, and that he had an easy upbringing.

“I haven’t really faced many obstacles,” Adam said. “I had a great, easy upbringing. I came out of the closet at eighteen and my family was supportive of me. I participated in numerous extracurricular activities and I was involved in the arts, which was an understanding environment.

“The only thing I found difficult was when I had to audition for the part of a romantically involved straight man because I had a hard time feeling comfortable and understanding the role.

“On the episode [of VH1 Behind the Music] I talk about my experimentation with drugs but it didn’t really affect my career in any way.”

It’s refreshing to read about artists who dabble with drugs and don’t end up with a problem or worse – dead.

Adam’s episode of VH1 Behind the Music airs Sunday, 7th August, at 10pm.