Joan Rivers says Robert Pattinson has “poor hygiene”

Joan Rivers has dissed Robert Pattinson – she’s clearly Team Jacob.

The comedian was slightly harsh about the sexy Twilight actor. She dissed his skin tone, his voice and his personal hygiene.

“I just don’t understand the appeal with this man! He is pasty, he mumbles when he talks, he is notorious, as Melissa pointed out, for poor hygiene,” Joan said on E!’s Fashion Police, via spunk-ransom.

Referring to a photo of Rob at a Comic Con panel with his half hair do for movie Cosmopolis, Joan’s daughter Melissa also stuck the boot in.

“I am just fearful when I see this, I have a ten year old son and whenever this movie is a hit, they are all going to want to shave half their heads. Its like please… also TAKE A BATH!” said Melissa.