Jude Law still uses public transport

Anyone fancy a day riding around on the bus/train until we bump into Jude Law?

The 38-year-old actor tries to lead a normal life, and that includes using public transport.

“I’ve created a haven that works for me and my family. I still enjoy a very normal life with my kids. We use trains and busses and that’s often the best way,” said Jude.

“If you build up some sort of psychological bubble around you, I think you’re asking for trouble.”

Jude also said that he doesn’t like the term “celebrity.”

“I hate the word celebrity, which means I’m in some messy, mushy sort of bracket with people who have won reality shows and chefs and socialites and it’s just not something I see myself as,” he said.

“I don’t invite people into my home and I’ve never courted the press unless I’m talking to them about some work I’m doing. And I don’t do that very much.”