Kellan Lutz – Contractually obligated to flash flesh

Kellan Lutz says he’s contractually obligated to take his shirt off in movies.

The sexy Twilight actor, 26, has an amazing body – why not show it off in his flicks?

“Well, contractually in every role that I do, I must be topless,” Kellan told Fashion Week Daily.

Kellan may be kidding, but (much to our delight) he is often shirtless on screen.

“Immortals is coming out soon, and a lot of us Greek gods are topless and in super sexy skirts!” he said. “I also have a little topless shower scene in Syrup.”

So how does Kellan keep his bod so buff?

“I love making up games when I’m travelling. I have a little airplane workout that doesn’t involve any perspiration–it’s never fun sweating on a plane. You can do a little something a hundred times and actually feel like you’re working out.”