Liam Gallagher gets looted

Liam Gallagher’s ‘Pretty Green’ store was just one of the many to be looted in Manchester riots last night.

The store, which opened in December last year, has fallen victim to the recent UK Riots, seeing windows smashed and the majority of stock taken.

An eyewitness took to Twitter to spread the word “Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green store, King Street…. there was a lot of blood in this store.”

As if that wasn’t enough to make the Beady Eye frontman grumpy, Sky News have since reported on the ransacking describing him as a “former rock singer”. Oh dear!

Rioting in London began on Saturday, which on Monday night resulted in a huge fire at PIAS which put future releases in jeopardy and saw thousands of pounds worth of independent record label stock destroyed.

Monday morning saw artists, including Kate Nash and Kaiser Chiefs, join community members in helping clear up the mess left by the rioters.

Trouble has now spread to other parts of the country, with Manchester seeing the worst of the violence last night.