Louis Walsh: “Gary Barlow thinks he’s the new Simon Cowell – but he’s not”

You’ve got to love Louis Walsh’s honesty.

The X Factor judge didn’t hold back when talking about fellow judge and Take That legend, Gary Barlow.

“Gary thinks he’s the new Simon [Cowell] but he’s not. He needs to realise The X Factor is a television programme, not a singing contest,” Walsh said, according to the Daily Mail.

“A show like this needs characters to make it interesting. People like Kitty Brucknell. Everyone’s talking about her. It’s acts like her that make this show work and get people watching.

“Gary says he’s not as vain as Simon but he has his own chef. He has all his meals prepared for him. He’s very careful about what he eats, when he eats and how much.

“Don’t forget he was the tubby one in Take That. He looks good now but looking like that takes work.

“Gary’s been through it. He gets it. His career was a joke at one stage but now he’s fronting the biggest band in the country.”