Man love! Ryan Reynolds praises Jason Bateman

Aww! Ryan Reynolds says that Jason Bateman was the first person to be nice to him in Hollywood.

The sexy actors got to work together on epic looking new flick The Change-Up, but they first met when Ryan was just 19-years-old.

“Jason was actually the first guy who was nice to me in Hollywood,” explains Ryan.

“I met him when I must have been 19-years-old and we had the same manager. I went in there and I must have just looked like a deer in the headlights. I was right out of Canada. I was at this management firm and met there. We had a nice hangout, I told him who I was and what I was doing here and

“I got a call a couple of days later from him saying, ‘Hey, I know it must be weird when you’re in a new town and you don’t know anybody so just call anytime if you need anything.’ I saved the message because I was like, he’s hitting on me!”