McFly: What does ‘Room on the third floor’ mean to you?

Yes, you! Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones are set to shoot a special documentary back where it all began on the ‘Third Floor’ of the Intercontinental Hotel but this time they’re inviting you to join them.

The documentary will see the two members back at the Intercontinental Hotel celebrating the history of Room On The Third Floor.

For a limited time, the boys are opening the phone lines to their fans, Pioneers and Galaxy Defenders.

All you have to do is call and leave a voicemail stating why Room On The Third Floor is so special to you, your story, your favourite song and why, or anything to do with what the album means to you… You’ll have to keep it quick as messages can’t be any longer than 20 seconds.

The magic number to call is:

020 3286 8459 (UK)
+4420 3286 8459 (International)

A number of the messages will be used so get dialling for your chance to be a part of this special film.

UK calls are charged at standard local rates and international calls are charged at standard international rates. Please ask the phone owner before making any calls to this number.