Rebecca Black isn’t “bothered” by her haters

Rebecca Black has been hitting back at her haters.

Rebecca claims that she isn’t ‘bothered‘ by all the negative responses she seems to attract saying “Everyone has haters, I could donate all of my organs to children in need and I would still have haters.

She was just 14 when she became an over night sensation for her single ‘Friday’ which was posted on Youtube and received millions of hits. That said, amongst the millions of comments were thousands (and thousands) of negative ones. The singer believes that with fame you’re bound to attract negative attention and you should just “Deal with it”. Her message to all of her haters is to stop listening to her tracks if they find them annoying!!

She also took the opportunity to remind us all that she stared in Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night’ video! Rebecca says, “My mum got a call from my manager and said, ‘Katy wants you to be in her new video,’ and I fell over.”

Rebecca has since gained a firm place in the spotlight, a second single release and of course, her new bezzie mate Katy Perry! She even made a surprise appearance at Katy’s concert in Los Angeles, and the two singers belted out an acoustic version of Black’s infamous tune.