Sam Pepper brings us together with his ‘Operation Cup of Tea’

Hats off to Sam Pepper for successfully bringing more than 212,500 (and counting) people together with his truly Bristish ‘Operation Cup of Tea’ during the UK riots.

The campaign, which was solely created by one of our favourite former Big Brother contestants, Sam Pepper, has been the top trending topic on Twitter for the majority of today, with the Facebook Facebook group receiving more than 212,500 fans at the time of writing.

The dedicated Facebook page run by Pepper reads ‘Everyday, gather us in an anti-riot. for this all you need to do is post a picture on this event with a nice cup of tea at home! We don’t need to riot, and this is how we will show it! If they want to riot, then riot. but this page is for us who don’t want to!’

The campaign has been endorsed by a number of celebrities on Twitter, including Stephen Fry and Nathan Sykes from the band The Wanted.

With thousands of people supporting the movement it didn’t take long for a huge number of pictures of people drinking tea to be uploaded onto the official Facebook page with many describing their efforts as a ‘very British way’ to respond to the riots. Even chain store Whittard of Chelsea have joined Sam in this truly British pastime offering tea drinkers a year’s supply of tea for the best photo. (You can still get your entries in on the Facebook page. Winners will be announced at 4pm today – 10/08/11)

Sam is currently extremely busy (He hasn’t even had time to indulge in a cup of brew himself yet!) putting together a website which will be selling ‘Operation Cup of Tea’ Tea (and hopefully mugs, Tea cosys etc) all proceeds from the site will go towards the massive clean up operation following the riots.

Well done Mr Pepper!!
Don’t forget to #hashtag your #operationcupoftea efforts

The website has launched! Check it out here and treat your loved ones to a wonderful brew of ‘Operation Cup of Tea’ tea!