Anna Faris says hubby Chris Pratt calms her down

Anna Faris says sparks were flying when she met hubby Chris Pratt.

The hilarious actress also revealed that her super sexy husband calms her down.

“Sparks were flying as soon as I saw him — he was so manly, he took care of things; he wasn’t petty,” Anna said.

“I love being married to him. He calms me down. In Los Angeles, where it’s hard to find a dude, he’s a dude. We discovered we both grew up in little towns next to each other north of Seattle, and there’s something so comforting in that. It is really nice to be with someone who reminds you of home.”

The actress said that while they are both keen to start a family, they are happy with their dogs at the moment.

“I think we would both love to have a big family. My parents tell me I had better start soon. Meanwhile, we have Bonzo and Sherman — pug puppies who are both crazy,” she said.