Aww! Two and a Half Men Insider: We miss Charlie Sheen

It’s not just us missing Charlie Sheen’s presence on Two and a Half Men – the crew are missing him too.

We tuned in to the first episode with high hopes. The writers are still the same, the rest of the cast hasn’t changed and of course we were promised a naked Ashton Kutcher – what could go wrong?

While it was funny, and Ashton did look good naked, as promised, there was just something missing, and that something was Charlie Sheen.

A Two and a Half Men on-set source told, “It just feels like a job rather than a family, like it did when Charlie was there. Ashton is really nice and he’s great for the show…but he gives a different vibe than Charlie.”

However, some crew members are just happy they still have a job.

Another insider added, “I’m not complaining. Honestly, we’re just glad to be employed.”