CONGRATULATIONS Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Falcone!

Congratulations to McFly’s Tom Fletcher and his fiancée Giovanna Falcone, who yesterday finally made their engagement official.

Tom and his beautiful fiancée Giovanna finally got round to celebrating their engagement with their closest family and friends yesterday, and now the countdown to the wedding has officially begun.

Today saw the pair walking up the steps of the registry office, not to tie the knot, but to start the boring legal paperwork.

Like any McFly boy Tom can make a boring situation lots of fun and today was no exception. The ‘All About You’ singer was left a little pink around the collar when he spelled the name of his bride to be wrong!

Tom being Tom, he soon took to Twitter to share his boo boo with his adoring 500,00 strong followers.

We’re at the registry office giving notice of our marriage next year. In my solo interview I spelt Giovanna Falcone’s name wrong, good start!