It wasn’t Justin Timberlake’s penis on Mila Kunis’ mobile phone

Just in case you were wondering, no, that wasn’t Justin Timberlake’s penis on Mila Kunis.

According to TMZ, the sexy actor wants to make sure people do not think photos from Mila Kunis were of him – the photos in question apparently show (because no amount of Googling has brought them up for us) Justin, shirtless on a bed and with a pair of knickers on his head. There allegedly intimate photos of a male too – but not Justin.

According to TMZ, “Justin wants to make it clear — the explicit picture on Mila Kunis’ cell phone — showing a penis — is NOT J.T. — this according to a source close to Justin.”

Mila isn’t the only celeb to have her mobile phone hacked. It recently happened to Scarlett Johansson too – and we hear her photo are a bit racier.

Rumours started flying that Justin and Mila were dating when they starred in Friends with Benefits together.