James Corden discusses the night he DIDN’T sleep with Lily Allen

It sounds like James Corden is happy he didn’t sleep with Lily Allen.

Despite having a bit of a crush on the singer, if she has invited him into her bedroom things wouldn’t have ended happily.

“Lily let out a yawn, looked at me and said: ‘I’m going to bed now, what about you?'” revealed James.

“My heart stopped. This was it. After all this time, all the false dawns.

“So she walked up the stairs with me padding behind, my mouth dry, my stomach churning, my hands sweating – I was all kinds of sexy.”

Unlucky James felt like a “douche-bag” when Lily showed him the way to the spare room, but looking back he admitted in his autobiography that he is pleased.

“I like Lily very much and know if push came to shove that night, I’d have been awful in bed,” said James.

“I would’ve been so nervous that nothing – and I do mean nothing – would’ve happened.

“So I want to thank Lily for sparing a lovesick fool that kind of embarrassment.”