Katie Price disses Cheryl Cole’s dress sense

Katie Price has offered her thoughts on Cheryl Cole’s dress sense.

Yes, Katie Price, the woman who wore headgear made of iPods, doesn’t like other people’s clothes.

Speaking about Cheryl’s purple trousers and coral top ensemble, Katie said, “The whole thing’s absolutely hideous. 
I love the colours but 
I hate the clothes. It looks like she’s put on a bit of weight.”

She also spoke about girl from The Only Way Is Essex wearing silver, saying, “They look like fortysomething housewives at 
a ball. They must’ve all gone to the same shop and got them for free.”

It’s not just Cheryl who Katie thinks is putting on weight – she reckons Christina Aguilera is too.

“She’s clearly put on some weight,” Katie said, “She’s dressing to try to hide that, but it isn’t working. It just makes her bum look even bigger.”

And then she threw in some comments about Kerry Katona for good measure, according to Now.

Speaking about her slashed hem red carpet gown, Katie said, “Awful. She hasn’t got the figure to wear this. And the hair – what the hell? Kerry isn’t the feminine type, so she can’t carry it off.”

So who’s outfit does she approve of? Why, her own of course!

“The whole look’s spot on,” she said of her black PVC dress. “I love 
my beehive, love my make-up, love my clothes and love my figure. I was nice and skinny here.”

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