X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has “foul mouth rant”?

You can take the girl out of N Dubz but you can’t take the N Dubz out of the girl!!

It has been reported that X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos allegedly had a “foul mouth rant” at a member of BA cabin crew while on a flight to Majorca, where she was due to perform with band N Dubz.

The Sunday Mirror have claimed that Tulisa got into an argument with the air steward after fellow N Dub Fazer was told to switch off his phone as the plane was about to take off. The star allegedly reacted angrily to this and shouted: “Shut the f*** up! Shut the f*** up!” to the member of cabin crew.

It’s also claimed that Tulisa had a similar ‘moment’ prior to the Fazer incident; apparently he also asked another member of her entourage to switch of his phone, to which she supposedly said: “Leave him alone! He’s doing it, he’s doing it!”

Tulisa’s people have of course denied this little incident took place saying: “At no stage was our client abusive or foulmouthed towards any member of the crew during the course of the flight.”

However when questioned BA admitted there had been an “incident” between “two passengers” using their mobile phones. They said: “a lady in the party who wasn’t using her phone was abusive towards the crew, telling them to leave her friends alone”

In response Tulisa took to Twitter to show her disgust at the allegation “Im disgusted that some one would make this up about me!” the star said “I completely deny that I was abusive to airline staff on our flight to Majorca a few weeks ago…..My PA had a disagreement with staff over his mobile phone but I categorically did not swear at the steward”

Who is right or wrong we’ll never know but we have a feeling this story could rumble on for a while.